Here are the reasons why real estate investment is a very efficient way to earn money for the filipinos and the OFWs.

In the United States, more than half the number of rich American business people owe their financial success from real estate investments. There are other investment options like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But unlike real estate investments, these investment alternatives are often unstable and volatile, susceptible to multiple changes in the stock market. Not to mention that stock exchange returns are a very long-term type of investment. A lot of patience is required here; very very long patience, indeed.

The Philippines is a third world country. It is still on its way to further development which now gives financiers plenty of room to put their investments on. Except for the above mentioned, there are other facets that describe why investing in real estate is an investment as good a deal as a chest of gold. Real estate investment has worked perfectly for the United States. This tried and tested method will prove to be as effective in the Philippines. I will elaborate some reasons why it is so.

Why real estate is a good investment for filipinos

  1. The real estate business is more stable. Though it would take a long time to find a buyer for your property that will be agreeable to the price you set, the price of your property is not as insecure as that of the stocks in the market. Also, the real estate market in the Philippines appears to be more invulnerable to complications brought about by the global financial crisis, unlike in the Middle East.
  2. Philippine investments give great value for hard-earned. Since it is your money, and that you’ve worked hard to earn it, this is one commodity that you know you should not waste. The real estate market in the Philippines is among those with the best values for cash in all of Asia.
  3. The Philippines is considered as one emerging market that is continually in the process of industrialization. Recent infrastructure developments in the National Capital Region and the nearby areas had made going around this developing region an easy time. More Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), with lots of foreign earnings are now enjoying this progressive privilege.
  4. Real estate, as a common knowledge to Filipinos, is a beneficial purchase. Professional competition between numerous property developers in the Philippines will sustain indefinitely, that is why properties only gain more value in time. Filipinos say that it is always better to buy land that is sure to appreciate in time, than to buy a car that will only depreciate. This statement is indeed true.
  5. The Philippines’ growing economy is powered by the hard-working Filipinos that always seek ways to improve their living. Filipinos are constantly moving within the country to seek “greener pastures”. This consistent migration rate provides great benefits to the area brought about by solid active local tourism.
  6. Since Filipinos are always on the move to look for greener pastures, the rental market is always hot in many parts of the country. Owning a rental property in the Philippines is a great income generating asset. It does not matter whichever part of the country you are in, tenants are sure to come as long your property is easily accessible and close to essential establishments like schools and markets.