HandshakeIf you are thinking to try real estate as a profession, I’d be happy to welcome you in my team but let me warn you first about the qualities it needs to become a good agent. Of course it’s subjective and I welcome any constructive comments. :)

1. You need to persevere!
It’s probably my main advice, if you have a tendency to back off on the first difficulty, then you should not choose real estate. It’s a very gratifying work but it requires a big & constant investment. Your efforts will pay on long term! Almost every agents & brokers I know had difficult times, mainly during the first months but they went through and are now successful professional, only you can choose to follow their steps or just quit.

2. You are organized
Things can easily become “messy” when you start to have a lot of prospects/clients and all the enquiries that go with them. It’s then very common to forget to call back someone, to be late in giving a computation… and whatsoever. You will need to organize your time and set your priorities, it’s something I can help with for sure.

3. You have good relational skills
It makes sense as we are talking about selling but I prefer to remind it. It does not mean you can’t succeed if you’re shy, I’m myself actually, it means that you need to make good impression to the people you meet, be clear in your talk and most of all, sort out of the crowd of your fellow agents. You want your prospect to choose you not your competitor!

4. You have ethics & moral in your work
This one does not help to make easy & fast sales but it’ll surely give you a good reputation & more steady income on the long run, here are some advices:

  • Do not “steal” your competitor’s clients.
  • Do not lie or hide: to your client, colleagues, a home owner, a developer…
  • Strictly follow the rules of the job (PRC…) and those of your realty.

5. Be curious & always willing to progress
This is good for all aspects of your life, not only your job. Be curious about anything, broaden your view & be always keen to learn new things and get better at what you already do. It will make you a better person & for sure a better agent also. If you recognize yourself in all of the points stated above… What are you waiting for, contact me to start your new career? :)

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