Rent out your property with our help. We can find people that can rent your property.

As real estate practitioners, we are not only dealing buying and selling of properties but also to Rentals. If you want to rent out your property you can contact us for faster return of your investment.

Here are the things you need to do and know:
1. You should be the owner of the property. A photocopy of the TCT is necessary to verify if your name appears on it.
2. Our professional fee for the rentals is equivalent of 1 month rental fee. So for 1 year contract, we take 1 month of that.
3. Provide us the complete details of the property, location, it’s amenities and etc.
4. Provide us clear photos of your property both interior and exterior parts.
5. Sign a Contract between us the lease agency and the property owner(lessee)
5. You should provide the Contract of Lease. If none, we have a copy of contract of lease that you can use or edit if there are any changes and notarize it.
6. Upon finding a lessor, the first payment should be given to us.
7. Upon closing of the lease and upon move-in of the tenant, we no longer liable of any dealings between you and the lessor as it’s no longer our concern. We are here as a Lease Agency and not a property manager. Our function here is to secure tenants with our own expense from advertising, site tripping and pay our people for the work.