The Bamboo in Construction & Interior Design

The Bamboo in Construction & Interior Design

Bamboo has become a popular furniture and decor material. Bamboo products are more commonly used in Asia but have recently been gaining great momentum in the American and European markets. Bamboos have many notable advantages over other hardwood counterparts. They are renewable and low maintenance. Bamboo is a woody grass variety so they grow a lot faster; the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Also, bamboos are hard, yet they can also be flexible but still maintain their durable property. They are also lightweight and water-resistant, so bamboo panels and furniture are safe from wood warping or the deformation of wood after being soaked in water.

Bamboo Furnitures

Having all these great characteristics, bamboo has been used in many ways for construction and design purposes. Bamboo furniture and wood panels are getting more acknowledged by builders and interior decorators today.

Bamboo can be made into wood panels that are usable for flooring, wall and practically any part of a structure that you’d wish to put it. Aside from being a durable building material, bamboo can also be used to make many exceptional decorative pieces. Bamboo shades/blinds are popular design ideas, mixed with bamboo shoji divider, which will surely give an Asian touch in your room.

Bamboo is a very versatile material. Aside from the above decor ideas, bamboo has a place in every room of your home. They make great living room sets; bamboo chairs and sofas are popular in the Philippines. They can even be upholstered to make them a lot comfier.

In the bedroom, bamboo-made bed called “papag” is very commonly used in the Philippines. Lying on this type of bed is very practical since this furnishing is “breathable”, suited for the very hot climate of the country. But modern variations of this papag have been made, making the papag as a bed frame, putting a comfy mattress on top of it. This type of bed design gives the bedroom a tropical island vacation touch. Bamboo baskets, trunks and cabinets are great decorative storage pieces.

Bamboo products also have a place in the dining room, kitchen and even the wash and shower rooms. Since bamboo is water-resistant, you would not worry about having damage in the quality of the bamboo wood. Bamboo material can even be used in the sauna. Some bamboo varieties can be woven and turned into place mats for the dining table. Since it is wood-warp proof, it can be excellent material for countertops and shelves in the kitchen and in the bath.

Bamboo is a multi-purpose hardwood alternative. Though it is lightweight, it is still assured to be tough and tensile, and is even water-resistant. Many have reaped the benefits of this wonderful wood material. Maybe it is time that many more ride this bamboo wave.

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