Let’s check together if YOU should go for solar energy in your house?

There is a lot of hype about solar energy right now, but let’s see if you should switch. :)

Will you save money with solar energy?

It will mostly depend on what time of the day you consume the most power, if it’s during daytime then there are strong chances you can get you money back quite fast.

If you use a lot of energy in the day, then the return on investment can be below 5 years and installing solar panels will significantly reduce or even fully cover your consumption.

Power capacity (kWh) Cost (php) Current monthly bill* ROI (years)
0.75 68,000 1.1k 5.12
1.62 158,000 2.4k 5.50
3.24 235,000 4.8k 4.09
4.86 312,000 7k 3.62
6.48 389,000 9.5k 3.39
  • The current monthly bill are indicative, they’re for tariffs in Cagayan de Oro (Cepalco) and just used to have an idea of the ROI.

If you use more energy in the evening and at night, it will depend on the rate at which you can sell back power to the regular supplier.
Expect it to be significantly lower than what you pay per kWh, I could not get the tariffs. :/ AS far as I could see, most suppliers offer Net Metering, Meralco, Cepalco & Moresco surely do. Check with yours directly for more info and for their rates.

You can also see for backup batteries but then the cost of your installation becomes quite higher, you can still be gainable but the ROI will be less quick.

Note: I based the tariffs of this article on Ulric Solar for two reasons.

  1. The tariffs are publicly available.
  2. They’re nice guys. :)

Is solar power really eco-friendly?

Solar energy is considered really green because it’s renewable and uses no fossil fuel once installed. It’s particularly useful in the Philippines for three main reasons:

  • it’s sunny here so we have a good climate for this technology. ☼
  • Charcoal is still our main energy source (DOE)… And it’s very dirty!
  • We often have power shortages mainly when El Nino is here and it’ll likely happen more often with climate change. :(

The issue is that manufacturing solar panels is itself a dirty business with potentially a lot of pollution but currently, the benefits outweigh the cost.

I would definitely recommend to switch on an environmental perspective mainly if you’re in Luzon and in the Visayas.

We actually have a greener energy mix in Mindanao (DOE) thanks to the hydroelectricity produced by Lanao Lake and the Agus River, it’s still good to switch. :)

Environmental impact of batteries

If you add batteries to your installation, it’s already a bit less eco-friendly.

Their production requires a lot of natural resources (mercury, lithium, cadmium… or others), they are not infinite, we’ll someday have the same issue as with oil… just later.

These are metals so it implies more mining, it’s also dirty. :/

Furthermore we have a big problem in recycling batteries in the Philippines. The small batteries are already thrown with regular garbages even if they’re TOXIC and have a very bad impact on ecosystems, mainly on our rivers. :(

Other considerations

You need to have space on the roof and a little inside your home for the inverter, it requires more if you add backup batteries.
You can also add panels in your garden, in all cases you need to make sure they’ll get enough light.

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