Unlike what most people think, being environmentally friendly is not expensive, it can be very good for your budget as you’ll waste less.

Eco-friendly ProductToday, I’ll share some easy tips for those who care for the environment, they are also friendly to your wallet. :)

Never forget to turn off the tap.
It is obvious and this water-conservation advice has been said so much that it now sounds like a cliché. But really, just by forgetting to close the faucet every time you brush your teeth wastes as much as 5 to 7 litres of water per minute, making that 5,475 to 7,665 litres of wasted water a year for just an individual.

Choose commuting or biking over driving to work.
Not only are those methods healthier options, but opting not to bring the car to work would save the air we breathe of around 500 pounds of carbon emission annually. With the rising prices of almost every petroleum product in the market, it is practical to be using the public transport than to buy expensive car fuel.

Carry a water bottle.
Water is the cheapest rehydrating drink there is. Having a handy water container saves you money since you do not need to buy bottled water when you feel like drinking some. Lesser demand for bottled water also lessens the plastic bottles waste that only ends up in the dump sites.

Unplug appliances and electronics from the sockets when not in use.
Plugged in unused chargers, TVs, players and other appliances still consumes standby power that not only consumes wasted energy, helps hike up your electricity consumption and emits 12 million tons of CO2 that facilitates global warming.

Ditch the dryer.
In drying the clothes after washing them, opt air drying your clothes in a clothesline than spinning it in the dryer. Your clothes will last longer; you’d save up on electricity and lessen the carbon emissions by 1,400 pounds in a year.

Switch to using CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light).
This lighting alternative consumes lesser electricity than the typical incandescent bulb. There are 15-watts CFL bulbs available in the market, a better option over 60-watts incandescent bulbs that won’t last as long as a CFL one would. They are also more efficient light sources. Incandescent bulbs produce around 15 lumens per watt of light while CFLs can make around 50 lumens per watt.

Maintain a home garden.
Not only will it make your living space look better, it also helps produce cleaner air to breathe. Choose commonly used plants that are easy to grow and tend; like a red chilli plant or a calamansi tree. You won’t need to buy their fruit in the market whenever you need them since you’d have them handy in your own home. You can also make your own fertilizer by making a compost pile out of fruit and vegetable scraps from your kitchen. You’d produce lesser waste and save up on fertilizer costs.
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