Pag-Ibig Loan Calculator

Pag-Ibig Loan Calculator
You need a calculator to compute your Pag-Ibig amortization before asking for a loan? Check this one, it’s free & up to date.

Pag-Ibig Housing Loans CalculatorIt’s sometimes confusing to know how much you’ll really pay monthly when you’ll get a loan from Pag-Ibig> I received a lot of demands about this and it’s the reason why I created this amortization calculator, it should be a big help for you.
Don’t forget to check the new rules for Pag-Ibig housing loans.

The Loan calculator is updated for 2013 rules & rates.

Once it’s loaded (wait a few seconds if needed), you enter the amount you want and the term, that’s it. The calculator will show you:

  • The Gross Monthly Income Required*
  • Of course your monthly amortization

This is used as a sample to help you plan your future housing loans, it does not replace a Pag-Ibig computitation. Rates may change without prior notices following Pag-Ibig updates.
Tell me in the comments if it lacks something and please share this page so that your friends can easily compute their future Pag-Ibig loans too.

We’re not affiliated with Pag-Ibig. Loanable amount is subject to the approval of Pag-ibig. Final computation will be given by Pag-ibig. This calculator is informational only, its purpose is to give you an idea of the needed income & amortization for the loan you need.


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