Are you planning to redecorate your house? Here are simple and practical interior design tips that will help you make your humble abode be a lot cosier and homier.

Interior Design Tips for Every Room

Living room

  1. Create a focal point in your living room. This “center of attention” piece can be a huge window or a framed picture or any attractive piece for decoration. This focal point helps create a theme and set the ambience of the room giving it a generally inviting and cosy character. As a suggestion, your focal point can be a set of framed pictures placed together on the wall appearing to be included in an invisible single frame. It would make the wall look less cluttered if you plan on putting a lot of pictures.
  2. Always consider the size of a room in buying furniture. Over-sized couches and recliners are practically not suited for a cramped living room. It is very important that there is ample room for movement around every room of the house.
  3. Learn how to mix and match. Filipinos tend to buy living room sets that include a sofa, matching armchairs, side and coffee tables. In interior design, it is much nicer to have complementing pieces that do not necessarily have to be pieces of the same style. A bamboo-made side cabinet may find its spot in an Asian-themed living room.

Dining Room

  1. To set a nice mood in the dining table, put a direct light source above it. A chandelier perhaps, hanging 3 to 4 feet from the table, might do the trick. Avoid using white light (flourescent) in the dining room. Food appears more appetizing under yellow lighting (incandescent).
  2. As a practical advice, choose the durable type of flooring for your dining room since a lot of traffic is expected to come and go in that area of the house. Opt to use porcelain tiles, hard wood and other sturdy materials rather than linoleum and vinyl types that are more likely to wear faster.


  1. In choosing the color for your bedrooms, stay away from bright colors since these ones tend to wake you up instead of encourage you to sleep. To make the bedrooms feel cosy, opt for neutrals and warm tones like pastel and earth colors.
  2. It is a general knowledge that you spend a third of your existence sleeping, that is why it is practical that you invest in quality beddings, like mattress, pillows and sheets. Opt for cotton and linen fabrics that are more comfortable, breathable and are better absorbers of sweat.
  3. It is not nice to be waking up in the morning and feeling cold feet upon your soles when you first hit the floor. Opt for “warm” materials like carpet and wood. Polished bamboo panels might be a good choice for bedroom flooring since it is not as “cold” and hard as the ceramic or marble floors and are also inviting and cosy. It also gives your bedroom a fresh touch of nature.


  1. In your kitchen, the sink, stove and refrigerator should be placed close enough to form an effective “work triangle.” You’d be working around these three stations the most that is why they need to be conveniently located near each other.
  2. Putting small potted plants in your kitchen will give the area a fresh touch. Other good decorative ideas for the kitchen are cookbooks that come very handy in preparing food and some bright pieces that will give the area more appeal.


  1. Do not use dark colored tiles for your bath and shower areas since very hard to clean soap scum and hard water stains are more visible on them. Choose light colored tiles.
  2. Just like any other room, make the illusion of greater space by opting for lighter colored walls. Also, strategically placed mirrors add to the illusion of greater space. The right amount of lighting can also do the trick in making the bathroom appear spacier and less crammed.

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