Do you play golf ? If yes, Cagayan de Oro is perfect for you with its three golf courses.

Golf in Cagayan de OroNow that we showed you why CDO is a great place to settle your business in, it is time to talk about leisures because that also is very important and today we will focus on golf practice because Cagayan de Oro has three courses.

Pueblo de Oro Golf Course
This is the main golf course in CDO, it is located next to the Pueblo Golf Estates Subdivision and offers the quality you expect from an international 18-holes course associated with a perfect location in the heart of the upper city. During the game, you can admire its ravines and lakes between two holes and enjoy the clubhouse and tee houses after.

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Bukidnon’s Del Monte Golf club in Camp Philips (Manolo Fortich)
This course is part of the large Del Monte Pineapple Plantation and is very easily accessible from the highway in the crossing of San Miguel, about 30 to 40 minutes by car from CDO proper. It offers a world class 18 holes game and is recommended for the wonderful landscapes with a mini lake among other beauties. A good note for the restaurant that will feed you after a long game with delicious recipes and juices.

A serious golfer’s paradise, this world-class 18-hole golf course is located at Kawayanon, San Miguel, Manolo Fortich is considered as one of the major golf destinations in the world. Its exceptional facility, perfectly landscaped recreation area, mini-lake, and well-trimmed greens offer a marvelous haven for golf enthusiasts and sightseers.

Patag Golf Course in Camp Natividad
This course is the most affordable of the three, it is less fancy of course but will be largely enough for beginners or casual players. If you like as much the view and the environment as the game itself, one of the above will be recommended.
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