Flood Free Subdivisions and Condominiums in Cagayan de Oro

In this article, I will enumerate the list of projects that were not impacted by Bagyong Sendong and the recent Bagyong Auring, I’ll base my list on these 2 events because they had a huge impact on our community and created big floods all around Cagayan de Oro City.

All Uptown Subdivisions and Condominiums were okay, there were some minor problems in Xavier Heights as there is an issue with the drainage system.




Now let’s go downtown, below are the Subdivisions and Condominiums that were not impacted during the strong typhoon:


  • Tuscania has not been flooded ever since as they put more filling of soil to the ground.
  • Centrio Tower, the around streets were flooded but the building itself was not as it’s elevated compared to the surroundings.
  • One Oasis has never been flooded.
  • The Loop has not been flooded since the building is elevated up to 2.5meters from the ground level.
  • Tuscania Towers, this is beside Tuscania Subdivision, so it’s not flooded.

Below are the projects between Downtown and Uptown (let’s call middle town hehehe):

In between: :)

  • Camella Cerritos, located in Barangay Canitoan, even though there is a small creek there, it has not been flooded.
  • Victor’s Village, located just across Camella Cerritos.
  • Westwoods, located at Canitoan and a Pueblo Project, they made studies on the possible flooding so as to prevent this kind of calamities.
  • Forest View Homes, still located at Canitoan, before San Agustin Valley and Westwoods.

You can read the article of Bagyong Sendong here.