Where to find decoration ideas on the web?

Where to find decoration ideas on the web?
Here are the best addresses you can use to find ideas for your home decoration, enjoy!

It’s not easy to find ideas to decorate your home and we all seek for new ways we could make our house or apartment unique and beautiful.. it’s the reason why I think my articles about feng-shui got very popular here.

I’ll go further today by giving you the best addresses I know to follow the trends of interior design & architecture. They’ll surely be of big help for you to find more ideas to decorate your home, just click on the images to visit them… and don’t forget to share yours please. :)


Pinterest is a very clever service that works like a board and lets you “pin” what you like to share with others your creative tastes & tips, it’s totally free and it has I think all you may need for your interior design.
It’s the best place I know when it comes to creative things – also cooking, clothes… – and in this case mainly the Home Decor section but you can also use the search box on the top left corner to find something more precise, there are thousands of ideas there.Here is a how it looks like:

Decoration on Pinterest


It can also be a big help in your search for inspiration, it’s between Pinterest & a blog in terms of look and you can follow people you like to stay updated with their creations easily, here is how it looks:

Decoration on Tumblr


Facebook is generally the network we use the most so I get some good pages to follow for you, I like their updates and I’m sure you will too, have a look at this.

My favorite one is Home Decorating, they post a lot of different things every days, for all the rooms of the house, from the most simple to the most bonggacious.

Home Decorating on Facebook

Fresh Home is a little more oriented on architecture but it’s definitely worse a look also.

Freshome on Facebook


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    Pinterest is best social media website to find the latest and trendy decoration ideas. And Tumblr also has very good idea.

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