It would not hurt if we try to take advantage the good promise that Feng shui holds for our well-being. Here are some simple Feng Shui tips.

Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating a balance between two important nature forces; the Yin and Yang (The Good and Bad). Being highly influenced by the Chinese, this philosophy is still prevalent in the Philippines and is most commonly applied in decorating homes and even office spaces. In Feng Shui, the proper arrangement of furnitures and the surroundings greatly affects the flow of Chi (energy) and thus influences the well-being of the people inhabiting or working in the area involved. Feng Shui is said be very helpful in inviting prosperity and good health if applied properly.

Feng Shui Tips

In these modern times, it would not hurt if we try to take advantage the good promise that Feng shui holds for our well-being. Here are some simple Feng Shui tips you can apply in your homes:

  • Keep the passage leading to the front entrance clear from obstructions. Clutter blocking the doorway will also block the flow of good Chi that will enter your home.
  • Front windows and the front door shall not be facing directly another open door or window. Place a screen on the door or window or block the arrangement by placing furniture; so that when the good Chi enters the house, it will not leave right away.
  • Keep your windows opened; aside from practical health reasons, good Chi can’t come in if they are often closed. A vacant room shall also be opened to let it breathe and gather some light. Bad Chi thrive in dark spaces.
  • Avoid putting thorny plants (e.g. Cactus) inside the house. These plants bring bad luck. Instead, put round-leafed plants (e.g. Jade plant) that bring good luck and good chi into the your home.
  • Avoid creating darkness inside the house. Lighten dark corridors that trap bad Chi inside the house.
  • Water attracts good Chi. Place an aquarium or a fountain facing the front door so it will welcome the good Chi into your house. Other strategic locations are the south-eastern side of the house to bring in wealth, south-western side for good marriage, eastern side for good health, west to strengthen friendly relations, north side for success in career and north-eastern side for good education.
  • The water element does not agree with fire. In your kitchen, avoid placing the sink, water dispenser, washing machine or the refrigerator facing the stove. This arrangement will cause conflict within the home.
  • Mirrors should not be placed in front or at the sides of the bed. Feng Shui tells that it is bad luck to have your bed be reflected in the mirror. Keep mirrors away inside the bathroom or inside the closet.
  • In Feng Shui, beams represent pressures that will burden you. It is advised to keep the ceiling flat. Also, stair should not be placed opposite the front door. It invites bad unstable Chi to go up and linger in the upper level of the house.
  • It is a general rule that smooth and round objects invite the flow of good Chi. So, it is advisable to avoid its opposite; sharp jagged objects, inside the house.
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