Frequent questions asked by the homeowners, contact me if you have another one, I’ll be happy to answer it.

Do I really need an agent ?

It depends, you can advertise your property on ads websites such as Sulit by yourself, it’s sure however that an agent gives you access to his/her full network and will also put his marketing skills at your service. Your listing has more chances to sort out of the crowd then.
So to make it simple, if you want to sell fast or if you do not have that much time to take care of the transaction, then yes you should definitely hire a real estate salesperson to assist you.

How much does hiring an agent to sell my property cost ?

At Genuine Cdo Properties Realty Co., availing our sales force will cost you 5% of the total selling price.
We also provide a “Hassle-free Package” for 15.000php more, if you take it, we’ll take care of all the administrative paperworks for you so that you can relax during the whole process, we take care of everything.

What are the taxes on real estate sales ?

During a real estate transaction, taxes have to be paid, generally they are assumed by the seller unless something different is specified in the contract. Here are the taxes & Fees you will have to pay, the percentages are calculated based on the property’s value :

  • Capital Gains Tax – 6%
  • Documentary Stamp Tax – 1.5%
  • Local Transfer tax (Imposed by Municipal or
    City governments) – Ranging from 0.5 to 0.75%
  • Legal Fees (negotiable) – Up to 10%