Frequent questions asked by buyers, contact me if you have another one, I’ll be happy to answer it.

If you want to purchase a house, condominium or lot in a brand new project, there are big chances that you only need a single agent as most the real estate agencies are accredited with all the developers or almost, it is the case for us in Genuine CDO Properties Realty Co.

It is appreciable to stick to your first agent, even if it is not obvious we spend a lot of time and energy to gather information in order to answer our clients needs/inquiries. Being loyal to us is a fair reward then.

If your agent cannot find a property that suits your needs or if you are mainly looking for private listings, then you may of course contact as many agents/realties as you need.

You can do all this by yourself but I would advise you to be always with your agent for the important steps of the buying process:

During the visit he/she will answer your questions and will help you to figure out if this lot, condo or house is really what you need. It needs the professional eye as things are not always what they look to be, some unhappy real estate buyers know way too much about that.

During the sale or reservation, your real estate agent will assist you for everything, making sure the process will be successful and as fluid as possible for you.