Brace yourself because I will tackle the highly sensitive topic of delays in the real estate. Sorry to say that, but as a buyer, always expect some delays. In the unlikely case where there are not, you’ll be happy and in the more likely case where there are some sorts of delays you’ll be less dismayed.

There are so many reasons why a house can be delayed, but here are the main ones.


If you buy in a project, it’s likely that they will build block by block and it’s not always clear at the time of the sale, it depends on the developers. Some will start the construction once the buyer already fully paid the downpayment, while others will start the construction depending on the promos that the buyer can avail. It’s important to inquire about that.


The construction is going well but there are some rainy days during which the construction needs to stop. Even if our country has a tropical maritime climate, usually hot and humid, we experience a lot of tropical cyclones because we are in the typhoon belt. Most islands experience annual torrential rains and thunderstorms that’s why the weather can really cause some delays in the construction industry.

Material Supply

For so many reasons this one can become an issue mainly on the finishings. It can be wrong planning, delays on the deliveries (maybe because of the heavy traffic that we are experiencing now), you just name it.

Manpower/labor shortage

I noticed that in big projects, sometimes they just lack of manpower, from the bottom worker to the engineer. Without the shortage of skilled labor in the construction, there might be less problems of delays. I think there should be a course of TESDA to train people into the construction industry.

There are many other reasons but these ones are the most common I experienced as a broker. Whoever you buy too, I suggest you ask questions about deliveries and try to make it as clear as possible. Also to be flex about it since it’s more likely than not that there will be delays…