I will post here articles related with Interior Design, generally tips to improve your home and sometimes also about the garden.

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  • February 10, 2013
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Where to find decoration ideas on the web?

Here are the best addresses you can use to find ideas for your home decoration, enjoy!

  • June 8, 2012
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The Bamboo in Construction & Interior Design

Bamboo has become a popular furniture and decor material. Bamboo products are more commonly used in Asia but have recently been gaining great momentum in the American and European markets.

  • April 26, 2012
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Interior Design Tips for Every Room

Here are simple and practical interior design tips that will help you make your humble abode be a lot cosier and homier.

  • April 24, 2012
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Feng Shui Tips

It would not hurt if we try to take advantage the good promise that Feng shui holds for our well-being. Here are some simple Feng Shui tips.

  • April 21, 2012
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Easy steps to make your Pinoy house feel more of a home

Here are some easy steps and tips to make your filipino house feel more of a home.