Here are the four main malls in Cagayan de Oro & a list of smaller size ones if you don’t know where to go for your shopping.

I’ve been asked by an OFW client recently a list of the malls in Cagayan de Oro and their location, I think it may interest a lot of people so I make it an article, feel free to share it to spread the good word about all our malls in CDO.
For info, I did not list the savemore & small complex like Gaisano in Cogon, I keep the list limited to the big ones, tell me in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter if you’d like to know more about the smaller grocery shops here.

Centrio Mall

Centrio Mall
It’s the newest in town and it looks pretty awesome with a lot of store for the launching. This event has actually been quite big and happened just yesterday, you can see pictures on the Facebook page (see below) it looked so nice… and crowded.
I’ll go when it’ll be a little less buzzing as I’ll bring my baby.
I can hardly give pros & cons but from what I heard it’s already very good for dining & technologies lovers (yes the geeks) with a lot of restaurants & IT stores.
It’s part of the big Centrio Complex, the hotel will soon be finished and then will come the condo.
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SM City

Aerial view of SM City
It’s the one I go most often to as I live in Upper Carmen (in Bellevue Subdivision to be precise).
There is a good choice for dining even if it’s less than LKK for that, I like the sales, they happen quite often and let you make really good deals… Bad pointm it’s awefully crowded when it happens.
MY baby really likes the playgrounds on the second floor. :)
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Limketkai (LKK)

Inside View of Limketkai Mall
The biggest of all and the one I consider the nicest (for now, I don’t know with Centrio yet), it’s very pleasant to room around there and you can find everything.
There are many restaurants in the mall and around with Figaro, Starbucks, Missy Bonbon… and there is also all you may need to buy: Robinsons, National Bookstore, Saint Pauls…
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Gaisano Mall

Gaisano Mall
It’s not as fancy as the malls above and some say it looks like a bunker, I can hardly say they’re wrong but the point is that you can hardly find cheaper stuff than in Gaisano and yet with a large choice. So if its what you’re looking for just go there you won’t be disappointed.
Some consider it as two malls with “City” & “Mall” but I don’t really see the point as they are sticked to each other and you can go to one another in a few steps.
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The old Ororama by Night
It’s the same spirit as Gaisano, everything at the best possible price, though it’s smaller… A lot of people go there for Bingo in case you like. :P
The picture is the one from the Ororama that burned on Lapasan, it’s a little nostalgic but I put it because it’s actually nicer than the one in Cogon.
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To summarize, I’d advise to go in Gaisano or Ororama for cheap prices, Centrio, SM or Limketkai for eating, the many animations or the most choice for everything.

The map