Here are my answers to the article “8 rants about owning a PH condo” from the Inquirer Business written by Tessa R. Salazar

CondominiumTessa R. Salazar wrote an interesting article about condominiums in the Daily Inquirer earlier this week and I will answer it today as she is mainly pointing bad things, some of them are different in Cagayan de Oro than they are in Manila I suppose. Before starting, I invite you to read her full article.

Condos don’t come with the parking slots. One reader/buyer ranted: “Developers don’t provide units with their own parking slot. We have to buy a separate lot with a separate title just for parking.”

She is right about the fact that a parking slot is not included with the condiminium but as Alejandro S. Mañalac from the NREA stated, it is always good to let the choice to the customer whether he wants to buy it or no. All condominium projects in CDO are working this way and I always advice my customers to take a parking slot if they can afford but it’s not always the case and in this case they are happy to get only the unit.

Lost deposits. “If you are in the process of buying a condo, you will go through all kinds of problems from (agents). You will lose your deposit if you don’t follow up all the time,” another buyer ranted.

Things are different in Cagayan de Oro and all the agents I know, whether they are my colleagues or my competitors, are dedicated to their customer’s “happiness” if I can say it this way. I can talk in the name of Genuine CDO Properties Realty Co. here and I can insure you that we do our best to satisfy our clients, it’s not only sales speech, we really care our clients but we are rewarded for this as if they are happy with our services, the word of mouth will do the rest and we are definitely in a Win-Win Partnership. We give them all the informations they need and insure the success of their transaction and we remind them the deadlines as much as needed of course.

Overseas Filipino workers are taken advantage of

Once again, we do not do that of course and our OFW clients can definitely insure that, I suppose that some unethical agents abuse of the situation but I definitely think that they are a minority, unfortunately they are the ones people talk about and they discredit the profession.
I assist all my customers contacting me from abroad in order to have things working almost easily as if they were here. I even help them to give the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to one of their relatives if needed.

That’s all for now, I will answer the other rants next time I suppose, I look forward reading Tessa R. Salazar‘s next article.

Have a good weekend,