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Pros & Cons of becoming a real estate agent


I’ll try to give you insights about the advantages and disadvantages of being a real estate agent, read if you’re interested by this job and if you are thinking to do your career in this field.


You are the one that matters, more than your diplomas, family background or anything else… You’ll be the one that can make yourself successful in real estate, the sky is your limit, no joke.

You are your own boss, in most realties, including the one I work in, you’ll have a great latitude in your job and you will generally be very autonomous in it. Of course you’ll benefit from the guidance and advices from your broker & senior colleagues but generally you’ll be on your own. If you like freedom, you’ll be like a fish in a bowl.

Your network can work for you… If you are easy-going type, you’ll get the fruits of this gift as you’ll be able to ask all your relations to spread the word about your new job as a real estate agent, they’ll get prospects for you and I’m sure that you’ll close some deals with your  convincing skills.

If you persevere in this field, your network and reputation will grow and you’ll benefit from the seeds you planted earlier, it’s hard at first but it becomes real exciting later.

Pros & Cons of becoming a real estate agent


You’ll get paid by commission in most realties but it’s possible to have a very comfortable income. If you believe in yourself and/or have a successful experience in sales, just give it a try, it’s challenging but it’s better than regretting later.

It helps to have your own mean of transportation, a car is the best actually. You can do without for sure but to be honest, it is really an asset.

Real estate is a very competitive field, I prefer not to know the number of brokers & agents in Cagayan de Oro but I’m sure it’s high, if you work in real estate, you’ll have to cope with a strong competition. The good point, it keeps us improving ourselves and always give the best of ourselves. :)

To conclude, I would say that real estate is definitely not an easy job but if you have the qualities for it and the will to succeed, then it can open you a lot of opportunities and an enjoyable career.


Photo taken from this photostream and used with permission of a Creative Commons license.

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