Latest pictures of Cagayan de Oro People

Latest pictures of Cagayan de Oro People
Watch the latest pictures by people from Cagayan de Oro from all over the web.

Hi, today’s article has not much to do with Real Estate but it’s linked to Cagayan de Oro so it may interest you. I also invite you to bookmark this page as it will auto update.

What is it?
Here you’ll be able to watch the latest photos uploaded by people in CDO, they’re taken from all over the web and there are chances that you’ll recognize some of them.
Enjoy this moment of Cagayan de Oro Lifestyle, I really like it personally.

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The photo of the Teddy Bear comes from Jose Kit Gabucan’s Instagram.


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    As i have seen the pictures, PINOY was really fond in eating. LOL. I thought i can find my picture here. hehehehe..:D

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